the luxe nomads

My cousin came over the other night and boy was it nice to see his friendly face again, other than the usual digital happenings through Facebook land that is. The subject of Europe comes up, as it usually does between us, especially when the travel bug runs through your veins. And while listening to his yearnings and plans for yet another sojourn in the coming year, all I kept thinking of  was that grand dream vacation I had previously planned and hoped for last year. And through the excitement and adrenaline of that one, single thought I am once again dreaming it back into hopeful existence. Visions of pristine aqua blue waters shimmering with radiance as the rays of a hot sun beam down seep and imprint into my mind. That smell of crusty fresh bread mingling with the toxically tangy scent of cigarettes infiltrates my nose. And with the broken epilogues of sun-kissed wayfarers, both local and tourist alike flooding my ears I can’t help but desperately cling to and crave this dream and want it to finally become my reality.

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Not just another vacation but oh so much more. It’s the soul-searching and musings, the lessons and perspicacity, the journey itself and the copious laughs to be had that make me hunger for such an adventure. But most importantly creating a stronger bond between the families for life. One that would see us all play more of a pivotal role in the others aside from those regular obligatory Christmas niceties, spontaneous casual visits that take months to plan and the sporadic social media palaver. So soon after he departed I couldn’t help but take to my MacBook and frivolously waste away the night trawling through airlines and their fares while searching for illustrious accommodations and car hire. Then I let my mind wander and repeat those visions of a twenty something girl, accompanied by her two dapper cousins, traipsing through those iconic beach side towns oozing with money and unimaginable wealth. Riding in style in our own rented out Porsche Panamera, travelling down the roads of Southern France and pretending to be something we are not. And when the land bores us we float the day away in some luxuriously frivolous yacht sipping on Veuve and shallowly working on our tans.

Ahhh to dream,



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