swaying on chandeliers

I’ve taken to favor in residing within the confines of my mind much more than usual this week. And why? Because it’s just so effortless over there. Then again, maybe it’s because I feel like I am finally in complete command over my life. I mean it’s a virtual click of the finger and poof, everything is automatically wonderfully ideal. It’s an alluring place indeed and probably the closest I’ll come to some semblance of a much-needed vacation right now. But all is not entirely well over there. You see in my land of make-believe I am faced with a slight conundrum; and a facetious one at that. Maybe because I am utterly, utterly spoiled for choice, but I can’t seem to determine the brand of vehicle for my good self to travel upon in. I mean, should I be all ostentatious and drive that white Porsche SUV of my dreams? Or not, and keep a lower profile with a smaller Audi or Land Rover? I could easily attain all three considering money has zero limitations over there but I don’t want a garage teaming with cars. And for some reason I kind of feel like my peers on that imaginary plain will judge me over my flamboyancy.

Unbelievable right?

I don’t even know why in that world I still feel like I’m being invariably judged? And why I am also feeling somewhat iniquitous over what should be a facile decision in vehicle for someone teaming with assumed wealth? Why the hell am I over analysing it all to begin with? If I wish to drive a Porsche, then hell, I’m going to drive one. Period. Screw what those fictitious people may think! It’s hardly an uncommon sight to behold these days out on the roads you know. They virtually whoosh pass me every time I take my Honda out and about, so what do you think Maria? Should I or shouldn’t I?

And curse my overactive brain!


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3 thoughts on “swaying on chandeliers

  1. hmmmm… go with the porsche 😉

    Maybe you could add some cool detailing… 😀 I love dream worlds! I’m an only child; dreams are my friends. They don’t judge you, you can’t be lonely in them, and they are whatever and whenever you want them.

    1. I like your way of thinking there. Porsche it totally is. And maybe I’ll get a hybrid one at that, with the panoramic glass roof and I might even splurge out and get my monogram sewn into the car seats 😉

      Thank you for reminding me how awesome dream worlds really are. No one judges you unless you make them!

  2. I constantly over analyze myself for many things, dreams included ;-). I want to get to the point that I don’t care what people think about me or my dreams♡

    It’s a long road, I am closer though and you will get there too 😀

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