i found you, finally

I dreamt of you last night,
I felt you in my dreams,
I dreamt of us bathed in light,
I dreamt of tangled limbs,

Of soft kisses trailing,
And stalling,
But mostly ailing,

I dreamt of velvety lips complementing,
Pliantly aching,
I dreamt of trained hands,
On delicate skin,
Of dense muscle entwining with soft curves,
Your body fusing into my own,

Of unknown pleasure,
Of release,
Then needing more,

I dreamt of a moment to treasure,
A sight to behold,
I felt our rhythmic breaths,
I felt harmony between heart beats,

I dreamt of protective arms,
Encapsulating me perfectly,
I felt mine cling to you,
And desperate for you to stay.


2 thoughts on “i found you, finally

  1. Well now, there is a dream to sleep for… it that is what I would dream… I think I might be able to sleep… 🙂

    Instead I am sure I would dream of him and than I would saddened to wake up each morning without him… :-/

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