boy wonder

I yearn for a Saturday involving him and myself; two old friends spontaneously colliding into each other on the high street. A happy accident and burning attraction that swiftly advances to drinks at the adjacent bar. We’d wander inside sheepishly, our eyes gleaming and teaming with sheer wonderment and utterly powerless to withdraw from the other. It becomes exceedingly laborious as we endeavour to contain our joy over this encounter, desperately striving to remain cool, calm and collected.

But we both fail spectacularly once seated, as that glee erupts and consumes us both.

We’d be quick to order glasses of Cabernet. You undeniably confident and I riddled with nerves, anxiously awaiting my liquid courage. There’s something tranquillising in his soft smile that soothes and transfixes. His eyes aglow with allurement while the huskiness in his voice caresses my skin like a seductive melody.

We’d playfully flirt and slide stealthy touches here and there; his every brush of fingertips completely electrifying and beautifully ethereal. A playful dance of senses awakening suppressed feelings of yesteryear and bashful banter reacquaints and sates curiosities. We’d trade familiar tales of the life of a creative type and the war stories that its pursuits entail. And he’d look at me in that way again, watch me with an intensity laced with desire, just as he did when we were fifteen.

Only this time I wouldn’t overlook nor be oblivious to his charms and advances. This time I’d acknowledge our chemistry and the way our souls seem to magnetize within the others presence. I’d blissfully embrace those feelings, much like I should have eons ago.

Our little sojourn extends into the dark depths of the night and eventually must come to an end. We’d part simultaneously mournful, unwilling to leave the other’s side once again. And though we’d make plans for a future rendezvous, the loss of the other is unassailable the moment we separate, much like magnets being pulled apart, the dynamism and ardor between the two is undeniable.

I do hope we’ll see each other again. That we’ll converse and share that glass of wine soon. Most of all I hope you’ll continue to view me like you did so many moons ago and this time I’ll reciprocate those sentiments and give in fully to lust.



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2 thoughts on “boy wonder

  1. I hope this happens for you… I want this to happen with ‘him’ too… his home town is mine… he’ll be back here one day. Maybe then we can really talk… look into each others eyes… then he will know I never did anything to deserve losing him… he’ll know it was all her. Her jealousy that he allowed to separate our friendship.

    I look forward to hearing how you meet up with him and how you don’t let him go…

    1. I hope this kind of reconciliation is in the cards for you both. That the truth in your situation becomes apparent and sets you both back on course. I do hope that maybe one day our paths will cross once again and if they do that our own meeting will mimic what I depicted. That would be the sweetest thing yet.

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