music monday: waves

I’ve been in a perpetual battle against the tides my entire life but now more than ever I feel the relentless agony and strain of being in close proximity to the shore, yet excruciatingly so far away. Those uncontrollable forces that pull at my strings like a marionette relish in my vain attempts; my misery purposed for their amusement. I’ve ventured and feuded for so long now that I am not quite sure why I’ve bothered? It is far too superior, too solid for me to rage against, good intentions or not. I’m weary. I’m just weary of it all now and lately I’ve contemplated allowing the tides to carry me to the edges of nothingness; to just let it be.

To give it permission to drown me and end this torture.



4 thoughts on “music monday: waves

  1. WOW… this is deep, it is tough to be able to see an end to all the chaos and turmoil that happens in our lives… I think what surprises me each time I get through a challenge, is how free and strong I feel.. I keep thinking, whew, I got through that, I can get through anything. Up until this last challenge of losing him out of my life, I could say all those lessons/challenges were worth it, I am still looking for the good in this last test/challenge. Regardless I can see that I won’t always be in this place, I have grown quite a deal… I am happy we have met up this way, I love blogging for that, being able to connect with people all over the world… A handful are special like you though, I really enjoy coming here and reading your thoughts 🙂

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