manic monday

I was involved in a car accident a few days back. Fortunately it was hardly serious. Just a slight notch on the back bumper. And even more fortuitously was that it concerned my fathers vehicle and not my own, uninsured Honda.

The guy who rammed me from behind was convincing as we exchanged details. It was a straight forward, smooth and brisk process that saw me on my way within moments. And I drove that short distance home slightly bewildered but incredibly thankful, despite the dreaded knowledge that I needed to inform my father that his rear bumper was detached. Luckily (again) that phone call went swimmingly. And as it should considering I did nothing wrong, for it was another who collided into my gridlocked one.

It wasn’t until I began to forward his details onto my parents that I noted he’d given me an incorrect cell number. It was one digit short and I panicked. And despite having a photo of his vehicle, number plates and his actual license I couldn’t calm the frenzy that threatened to clog my mind.

What was I going to do?

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My parents would be furious that I’d let a stranger who lives on the other side of town go without procuring the most crucial of details. And not only that but how could I have been so naive to think humans could be genuine? That in specific situations, do the right thing? Especially when a man looked so apparently well off at that? There I was, figuratively stewing in my own juices, livid with my carelessness and distressed over my apparent feebleness.

How I could have been so blind?

But then I got a phone call from a number similar to the one he’d given me and it was the man in question. He was apologetic, calling to inquire my state. He was remorseful for putting me in such a situation and hoped I wasn’t rattled. We said our goodbyes and he farewelled me with a “bella” and with that call my faith in humanity was restored.

Now, I don’t know his game. If perhaps in him skipping a digit as he wrote away was just confusion. Or if it was intentional. Had guilt not been seemingly eating away at his conscience then I would never have received that phone call and been in a world of pain. Then again, maybe I am over-thinking and overanalysing.

I like to believe it was simple human error. That, regardless of the malice in this world, there really is good. I just wish we’d celebrate it and that I’d open my eyes to them more.




5 thoughts on “manic monday

  1. First I am so glad you were not hurt… second, it is really hard to trust people these days.. I as so glad he called you to check up on you and he seems genuine. Not all people are dishonest, I am learning that again after being betrayed by ‘him’ and all because of jealousy… even so, I would forgive him… Silly as that might be…

    I hope your grandfather is okay… I am so excited I have 4 days off starting Saturday, other than finishing up all my assignments for my course, I am finally going to have a little time to write to you… how I wish I could go to Australia… one day 🙂 xox

    1. You’re right. It is terribly difficult to trust others on their word these days which in turn is also horribly sad. That our society has taken a turn like this. That we can be so untrusting. I wish it was as easy to pop over for tea and coffee. I think I’d be visiting you every other day for advice. If only I could come up to Canada too.

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