music monday: stranger ways

Bronzed legs reclined against the worn black leather dash of his old grey Cadillac. Skin, slightly irritated by the calefaction radiating from the sultry desert sun as it penetrates and coos through the windshield. And for reasons unknown a deathly but consoling silence fell between us a few miles ago. Even now as “our” song commences, the air is thick with unwarranted strain. But those dawning velvety guitar riffs manage to rupture that enveloping tension. I turn to my right and watch with squinted eyes as fiery waves of crimson and tangerine waltz away from dirt. We are alone with only golden sand and camouflaging shrubbery for company and off in the distance, dark majestic mountains frame the horizon, inveigling us from the beyond; from reality.

I roll down the rigid window, permitting balmy air to stroke my face while sending liberated strands of hair towards him. From the corners of my green eyes I watch as he drives in reticence, fixated on the perpendicular stretch of road to nothingness. He drums his fingers against the steering wheel and I watch as tattooed arms flex in tune, never missing a beat. He senses my gawking and peers back to me, catching my gaze while perfectly mirroring my look of adoration. Too proud, I refrain from completely cocking my head in his direction and continue examining the uninhabitable land that whirls in circulation. And as the fourth verse kicks in I find myself singing along, feeling those words as he reaches over and rests a reassuring palm on my knee.


4 thoughts on “music monday: stranger ways

  1. I had to Google the lyrics, I love listening to a song when I can read the words with it… this song has a lot of meaning … beautiful …

    Sometimes I wish I had a little anonymity on the internet so I could write more of my feelings, I think it would be therapeutic for me, I just don’t think I could handle another blog right now. I follow a ton of blogs and I love all my followers and I totally enjoy all my interactions with them. Then there are the truly superb writers that touch my heart and cause me to feel, you being one of them.

    I am grateful to have found you and your writing this way, I love the internet for how it has opened the world up 🙂

    1. The words to this just blow me away every time. I originally believed it be mean something else and when I actually googled the lyrics I fell even more in love with the song. I don’t think there is anything I relate to right now more than this. That’s one of the reasons why I chose anonymity because had I not I could not be so open and I desperately needed a space where I could just be honest since I just don’t have anyone I can physically express these issues and feelings too. It’s also cowedly, in a way, and I’m terribly fearful of someone I know discovering this and reading. The brutality of emotions would not sit well with some people and like you always say, there are always two sides to every story and I feel like my words would be twisted and churned to make me look like a sociopath and villain. Well, more so than the picture they seem to paint of me.

      Thank you for the praise. I always find myself blushing and gushing at it. I’m just not used to others noticing me or what I do. I wonder if it’ll ever get easier?!

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