damn the man

Humans suck. We are flawed, broken and downright loathsome. Recreant we are, spiteful and vicious too. We are curious beings that instantly become anxious of the unknown, seeking eradication rather than understanding. We’re glutinous, over-consuming and over-polluting; a cancer to this Earth. Those with real power to implement drastic change rather sink their rapacious heads in the sand. The Earth is dying and we are responsible. Our animal friends are also suffering yet we do nothing to aid. Not even seeking to punish those who commit brutal crimes against them, not even against mans best friend. I guess when they start paying taxes we’ll care more right?

We occupy this wistful world were the powerful decimate the weak in order to keep themselves in power. It’s what makes the world go round. Belly’s undeniably full while others whimper and starve. We make pathetic rules and regulations that truly serve no one. Dictating to the other what we must and mustn’t do, denying some the right to marriage while allowing others the right to abuse it countless times over. We select who gets assistance on the grounds of gaining something valuable in return. The same is said for who we fight for. Screw the other continents in dire need of real, tangible help.


We are simply defaulted to a negative state and the majority of us are so blissfully unaware. Thriving in drama and prospering in hate, unintentionally (or knowingly) prodding and poking, tearing down those around them with bitter words and actions. There are a good souls out there but sadly too few. The world is powered by fools (with the exception of one or two) who try the patience of those few good men. Envious of their goodness but choosing to continue down their path of destruction, bringing with them carnage and animosity. Using snide tactics, eager to bend and break them, threatened by their voices.

How have we come to be this way? Or has it always been like this? Our past depicts the same greed and resentment, angst and annihilation. The same fools who pioneered change while dismantling their neighbours, fearing great minds and thinkers who challenged their beliefs. Solving complications with fists and brutality. We really haven’t progressed further from our ancestors have we. Our forces for destruction have been dramatically upgraded, now with the ability to exterminate everyone with one shot. Yet, those idiots don’t seem to realise this do they? That they’d too would perish.

We’ve discovered newer ways to suffocate our planet. We’ve bullied and belittled her beyond recognition. Now she’s fighting back or perhaps she’s simply lost the will to endure our bullshit. We had time a few years back to execute change, to show her we cared, but did nothing. And now we’re at a truly dangerous point where adjustment is no longer a simple action for karmic goodness but pure necessity. And yet most choose to remain with heads planted firmly in the sand.

It’s times of reflection like these that I wonder if we actually deserve to be here? To enjoy the toil and hard work of others, their tears and sadness while we crap over everything we touch, leaving nothing but misery for future generations to come. We’re no better than a swarm of locusts; a plague on this Earth. And we will be remembered as nothing more than this. As a narcissistic generation who did nothing but indulge; who was ignorant and selfish. Who created unnecessary predicaments for our future children to battle. If only the voices of those few souls were actually heard and heeded. There would be hope for a future yet.

Imagine if the world was run by those few good men?

John Lennon once wrote a piece about it.



2 thoughts on “damn the man

  1. It’s too bad the majority of us don’t care what we are doing to this beautiful Earth we have been entrusted. I do wish people could understand that stuff/things will never full-fill us…

    Thought provoking post girl ♡

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