she is a perfectionist

If only I wasn’t still living at home. If only I wasn’t in financial ruin. Not on welfare, had more friends and lead a most exciting life. One filled with spontaneity, creativity and adventure.

Then, I’d finally open my world yo you.

Allowed the universe to retrieve you back to me.

A perfect day, an ideal moment when the chaos of my life settled and the winds of ferment blow me to my utopia .

And during that state of perfectionist euphoria, if only we’d bump into each other, extemporaneously, on the street. If only that moment would resemble my favorite Shakespeare quote.

When I first saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew.

If only it would be you who falls for me once again. Head over heels, love at first sight. If only we’d halt our schedules then and there, stepping into the adjacent cafe for a latte and converse until the sun went down. Just wanting and needing to be with the other. If only he’d ask me out the following night, leaving me unsure if it’s technically a date. And on that night you’d bring me roses and kissed me after dinner as we walked hand in hand by the river. A small smattering of stars in the skies and skyscrapers lighting up our surroundings, shining their approval on us.

If only.

If only everything with me was perfect then I’d be open to this; fully. This is a flaw of mine I detest, constantly, irrevocably, annoyingly awaiting perfection.


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4 thoughts on “she is a perfectionist

  1. Perfection is a myth I think we all crave… I think it okay to strive for perfection but only if we understand it’s not attainable on this Earth.

    Girl your writing is so emotional and heart felt. You know I follow many blogs… yours is one of my top favorites ♡

    1. Wow thank you L. That is so very kind. I think the real trap with perfection is while we strive to attain some part of it, we end up losing a part of ourselves as well as missing out on life in general. Being so focused on a certain picture and shutting yourself out from the picture before you. Even if it is horrid and dreary.

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