resolutions: twenty fifteen edition

Resolutions. Is there not proof that these are made in vain? That the majority of us fail in our amiable attempts within the spate of a few weeks? I know this is true for myself as I have a formidable tendency to break or forget about them. And yet despite this, I still feel compelled to make resolutions for the year 2015.

And why exactly? Looking back at the previous years resolutions I can’t help but feel a little disheartened. Those resolutions I made were simple and overly manageable. Smile more, write more, travel more and yet I failed spectacularly in all three. I found it difficult to smile as my world was savagely shaken, stirred and rearranged. I didn’t write as much as I believed I would and travel! God, don’t even go there.

image via her new tribe

But they say a lot can happen in a year and I am quietly hoping that 2015 will finally be my year. I will continue to remain optimistic and positive that great things are to come. I will even attempt to drown out that menacing cackle from the evil skeptic within, preaching his tales of doom and frightening listlessness.

So for 2015 I want to tackle:

  • My health and making it a priority
  • My list for 1001 things in 101 days, at least begin it somehow
  • My novel and moving past from chapter six and beginning chapter one and so forth
  • Creating new habits, like eating healthier, drinking more water, practicing yoga and meditation (more than once a month) and scheduling my time more efficiently

And I will attempt to:

  • Travel more, Universe permitting of course
  • Smile more
  • Read more
  • Be thankful more, even when it feels like I’m disoriented and adrift in the nine circles of hell
  • Write more, even if only a few sentences a day
  • Create more, not only with words but other mediums like photography, cooking or art.
  • Uplift others, I don’t want to be a negative-nancy, I want to inspire and tell them how remarkable they are at any given opportunity. I want to find the good in people.
  • Believe, just believe that my dreams will become my reality soon enough.

2015 is by design not default and I must do well to remember this.

Godspeed me, God-bloody-speed,



4 thoughts on “resolutions: twenty fifteen edition

  1. I was sad to realize all my 2015 resolutions are the same as in 2014… which means I didnt do anything at all… nice -_- ….i really hope you get to most of your goals on this list.. and write! By all means…set that mind free…
    happy new year

  2. I don’t make resolutions either but I totally believe in making goals… and not on the first day of a new year.

    I think it is always good to make a list of goals though… we all need something to work towards.

    I read something today that gave me pause for thought… I’ll have to share the link with you this weekend.

    I’m grateful that I have come to know you this past year… I’m looking forward to getting to know you better this year and beyond…

    I hope many of your wishes and goals come to pass for you… as you know I too am hoping 2015 is both of our year ♡

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