the witching hour

I spent my Saturday night gazing at the moon; a coruscating yellow orb lighting up that inky sky. I meditated on life and love while I was immersed in the hide-and-go-seek game between ebonized clouds that moved ever so gracefully. Clouds that were most comical. Like an illustration, all gossamer and buxom and much like those scenes I’d painted when I was a child. I was mesmerised by his heavenly glow and as I stared I couldn’t help but speculate if anyone else out there was as transfixed. Most of all I pondered if he was as paralysed as I, then and there, with this luminous giant. Lost to a romantic notion that he was seeing what I was; that both our eyes and souls were simultaneously hypnotised.

And I wondered as he gazed if he thought of me too.

image via paradise lust



3 thoughts on “the witching hour

  1. Oooo… I love the moon, especially when it is full and bright, I adore looking at it and thinking about how other people are looking at it too… I wonder the same things you do… The moon is really mesmerizing and so beautiful xox

    Thank you for your lovely comment, you know I will always be there for you, I am just a message away. I try not be too pushy when I think you need some time but believe me, I can talk almost anytime you need…

    I would definitely like to meet you one day… I am starting to save so I can travel and I believe once I start saving, it will happen… I know this, I just need to get to Europe and I will have so many places to stay… I have so many people I want to meet xox You are at the top of the list but that will have to happen when I can get to Australia, it is on my list too… hopefully sooner than later… but I believe xox

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