i had been riding the storm clouds

It’s official. I am footloose and financially, fancy-free.

Yes, after relentless pressure from my parents I accepted their offer. No longer am I in debt to those greedy corporations who preyed on my naivety and lured me in with false pretences; holding me captive for far too long. Emancipated I am, bailed out and finally free to move on with my life.

Not only am I revelling in my liberation but that same week I was offered a job. A casual position that allows me to wander and perform at my own discretion. However, this new job hasn’t been quite as effortless as hoped. Insufficient training being a significant cause for frustration but alas I am gratified nonetheless.

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Overall, I don’t know how to describe this feeling. This weightlessness and a lightness, like a feather or plastic bag fluttering about in the breeze. Graciously accepting of the whims and coos of the wind who transports it placidly, whilst being oblivious to its final resting point.

No longer do I feud in that futile clash.

No longer do I resist its caress.

Somehow it resolved itself, as I had prayed, hoped and lamented over so many restless nights. I am increasingly grateful to my parents for this, be it ulterior motives or not. This levity I feel surpasses all of that now. This airiness overrides any ill will or paranoia I may have felt prior. My only qualm is that I wished this had come about sooner.

Much, much sooner.

The Universe does work in mysterious ways.


2 thoughts on “i had been riding the storm clouds

  1. I wander if I’ll say that if the universe finally gives me my desires… I want to be grateful no matter what…

    I’m hapoy for you, really happy… I’ve wanted you to feel free for a long time and now you somewhat have that… ♡ xox

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