I met someone yesterday. And it was only the briefest of encounters, a simple fleeting moment in passing but one that left quite the impression.

I was in an affluent neighbourhood working, completely fixated on my phone when something inside me pulled me to attention, making my head jerk suddenly upright.

And there he was.

He was beautiful. Handsome. A Greek Adonis of sorts and something deep inside of me was automatically drawn to him. And not just on a physical level, there was something more, despite never chancing upon him previously, this I was certain of, there was something undeniably familiar about him.

Something I couldn’t quite decipher.

My eyes finally finding him, never wanting to part, yearning to worship him evermore.

It felt like there was an invisible aura of sorts that seemed to shimmer around him, signalling my attention. Like a peacock displaying his feathers ever so fanciful, vying for attention.

Some unseen energy was calling to my own soul.

And then his eyes found mine and I couldn’t help but immediately draw them away chastely. Like a servant to his master, I refrained from direct eye contact. I was apprehensive and anxious, not wanting him to know that I saw him too. Because why would someone as becoming as he even dare look my way? Let alone show a shred of interest?

He was out of my league.

I could feel his soul extending to my own but I was too intimidated to embrace it. Simply disheartened by the thought of rejection or mere misunderstanding.

This was a prosperous area and judging by his sweats I could tell that he was a local. Another thing to further divide and feed my reluctance. I felt like I was just not worthy of such a being, despite a firm part of my soul aware that we knew each other somehow. Perhaps our souls had been acquainted thoroughly in a past life or even in different reality. Maybe we were close friends or lovers even.

I haven’t felt a pull like this in a while, if ever at all. I wish I possessed the kind of confidence and courage that would have seen me offer a small smile. Be it insignificant or not. If only I had met his gaze, even as I walked passed him a second time, even as he scouted over to give me room to walk past. I could have thanked him or acknowledged him then and not acted like such a cowardly, meek fool while putting myself out of unnecessary misery.

Walking back out to my car I prayed he’d departed already, completely alarmed and ashamed that he may glimpse me getting into my old Honda. As if in him knowing so would cause an even bigger wedge between our worlds. Sure enough as I made it outside I could feel my soul elevate and my ears burn knowingly as I turned my head towards a black Nissan SUV that was preparing to exit. And I knew that behind those deeply tinted windows, he was seated there. My soul hopeful that he too was viewing me and that his own soul had felt those very same flutters as mine had.

And as we finally parted ways I could feel the tranquil bask of his soul waning, leaving my soul once again bleak and empty.


image via the new girl

3 thoughts on “sígueme

  1. Wow, some wonderful writing here.

    And next time, if ever you bump into him (considering he is a local and all) girl, do yourself a favor and go talk to him 🙂 Its rare to find such strong connections between people who have never even met, so do let it go like that…

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