bohemian midnight

Last night a blue moon greeted me outside my window. He was substantial and grand in presence, illuminating an entire populous with his address; one that rivalled his celestial ally.

Watching him gleam and luster in admiration I couldn’t help but wish for a companion of my own.

One who would savour and revere the sight before me.

image via pinterest

How I yearned for a partner in crime; one to share in this marvel.

I wanted someone as impulsive as I, someone who’d crave a midnight adventure. Someone to pack an assortment of thermals and some salty snacks for and load them haphazardly into a Jeep.

Someone I could travel with to some spontaneous spot, hours away from home. A location with unobstructed views and unimpeded noise. A place of privacy and an exclusive showing of this rare splendour.

My heart called for a man I could banker down with in the back seat, cuddling for warmth under a star filled sky while laying in appreciative silence as his majesty shone ever over so brightly over his kingdom.

But he did not arrive.

No one came.

No Prince to save nor sweep me off my feet. I was left alone to relish and cherish what was right before me.

And so I did.



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