music monday: ghost town

I’m forever fastened to some invisible, discarded world. A bleak, abandoned and disconnected prison containing a fine, hyaline substance dichotomising me from those congregating on the other side. Day in day out, wandering through this vacated museum, peering through its glass displays. I press my forehead against the cool dividing surface, a vain attempt to slide through and join the living. If they come close enough, at times it feels like I’m allied with them. But I know it’s not real. That they don’t hear me nor will they ever notice me. Barred from entering the real world I am. Lost in this ghost town and to those who traipse ignorantly alongside it.


One thought on “music monday: ghost town

  1. Maybe it’s them that don’t live in the real world… I’ll have to listen to this song tonight, I do hope things are okay with you… we need to chat soon ♡

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