but first, let me take a selfie

The time has come to ring in another New Year.

What shall it bring?

I hope for only good things.

Tonight I’m unsure on how to spend it. Astonishingly I was invited to not one but two soirees. Oh where were these countless requests in years past? Even more unbelievable is that I just don’t feel like attending either one. It’s far too hot out and I’d prefer to sink into the couch with my sidekick, some KFC and a bottle of Riccadonna while pretending it’s really a bottle of sumptuous Veuve.

Whichever I decide, the end results equate to being alone regardless. One seemingly surrounded by people, the other by someone who truly loves me.

image via pinterest

I’m swaying more for staying in tonight, even though I’d more than likely find myself cowering in shame for being alone whilst grappling those invisible demons that taunt me for still residing at my parents home.

Demons that will no doubt fixate on the possible horrors 2016 may bring.

Much like the year before, I’ll also find myself moving about as quiet as a mouse, terrified those peskily nosy neighbors will note my presence and immediately recognise my plight and loneliness.

Either way it will be a “happy” New Year.





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