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Why is it that everywhere I turn, I am so horribly repulsed by humans?

It has me wondering if I am even cut from the same cloth?

Or perhaps was I simply born in the wrong era?

Because their actions and thought processes do not mimic my own. Behaviours such as the blatant hatred against those with different religious views or sexuality; as well as their discrimination. There’s the abhorrent shaming against those with “imperfect” bodies and the jokes made at their expense. The ignominious devaluing of feminism and equality and division of classes. And there’s unnecessary cruelty against animals and the annihilation of the environment.

Worst of all is how insensitive we’ve become, mocking those who point out the cruelty of such actions and rather than accept and apologise for hurting another’s feelings, we ridicule them further, labelling them as overly sensitive and that “political correctness has gone mad”.

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Why are we incapable of accepting others?

Incapable of empathy? Of compassion?

What is it that makes us so resistant to acceptance? So terribly fearful of such sympathies?

More importantly who gave us permission to degrade others so awfully? Made us feel a sense of superiority over the feelings of others and the entitlement of our own?

It’s nonsensical that we, as humans, behave in such a way. Considering our  ancestral lineage and history, one full of blood and destruction, you’d think that in the twenty-first century we’d have pulled ourselves together. That the word “war” was a term to describe instances from the past. That we’d strive to better one another and use technological advancement to improve the lives of every single being, not just those financially capable. That such inventions were done so to benefit society and not for financial greed.

Homelessness. What homelessness?



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