inner anarchist  

And so begins another year with the previous one done and dusted.

How I wish I could have spent it gazing at the stars in the middle of nowhere. Ringing in the New Year seated by the ocean, enchanted by its gentle lullaby and engulfed by salty hair.

How I wish I could have spent this New Years Eve out in the city. Not just for the fireworks display but to feel and experience a kind atmosphere exclusive to one night a year. That sanguine buzz interweaving with bounteous booze; good will and cheer for all; albeit ephemeral.

How I wished I had someone to share this night with; friend or foe.

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Most of all I wish I could have welcomed a New Year sans the rabid anticipation of echoing yet another stagnant and dispirited year.

Rather ring in a New Year filled with hope and tangible purpose.

Instead I spent it with my sidekick, once again cowering in the dark, clinging to the farthest corners in fear that the neighbours carousing next door noticed me.



2 thoughts on “inner anarchist  

  1. Awe S… that’s not a way for anyone to spend New Years Eve & New Years day. Everyone should have the opportunity to live out their dreams. I really hope this next year brings you the chance to do more of what you desire ♡

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