winter bohemia

We lay there side by side, bodies separated by a mere few inches while ensconced in pure white linen. His right hand rests tenderly on my thigh while his left flutters high into the air, dark hairs raised in a passionate reaction to the slight chill in the air. They frolic freely but in coordination with his animated tone, captive only against the heavens which glisten with florescence. And as they rapaciously peep down through the sky light, we confer and contemplate its brilliance and veiled occult.


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3 thoughts on “winter bohemia

  1. This is thought provoking S… I read it three times getting different meanings each time… I wonder if it’s what you were trying to say… very good xox (You are a talented writer, you need to write more when you can xox )

      1. They were on the opposite side of each thought… I just reread it again and I’m still working on the meaning… someday you’ll have to tell me what/who gave you the inspiration. .. ♡

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