My life is a tangled web of insolvency and despondency.

A slave to melancholic tendencies.

Blinded and paralysed, a parasite of sorts, fused into my soul with no hope of dissolution.

One in which I have become accustomed to, as if we were one; forever fettered.

Anxiety listlessly claws away, no longer noticed but lethal nonetheless.

Funnily enough desires to numb such thoughts are fervent within.

A contradiction.

As if in doing so I could evade the inevitable and avoid such harsh veraciousness.

That there is nothing left for me.


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2 thoughts on “contemptress

  1. S, I have seen that quote before, I too would prefer the rain over people sometimes because that quote is so true, rain doesn’t tell us what we are doing or not doing… I hope you are doing better… I have been super busy with work, I miss interacting with my friends on-line and I really missed writing…
    By the way, there is something left for you, if there is for me, there is for you xox

    1. I truly adore that quote. It really speaks volumes to me, even on the best of days. I hate when life starts to pile up. You always seem to put writing at the end of your list of priorities. I know for me I do. I never quite make enough time for it and it’s something I start to miss.

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