rose clippings

I awoke today with a newfound sense of valor and persistence.

A firm fervent hunger to simply succeed at any cost.

This beautifully unadulterated determination that yes, indeed I can manifest and create such desires by tomorrows eve.

And yet moments later that intense sense of resolve was obliterated from me simply by their lingering presence.

Their malevolence unbeknown; innocently menacing.

Equivalent to a freight train, pummeling me into the very tracks that bound it. Leaving me in a bloody mess, achingly collecting and rearranging.

Ineffectively attempting to reconfigure and reassemble. To gain strength once more and take that critical stance, only to have it trounce me yet again, like clockwork.

Unjustifiably perpetual.

And until I manage to break free, such cycles persist.


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2 thoughts on “rose clippings

  1. I don’t like how they have this power over you S… I hope you can find a way to break free. I’ve been where you are, feeling like there was no way out and a way was made… the freedom was better than I expected xox ♡

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