the glow of stars burning bright

I finally saw the stars last night.

Like, truly saw them.

With the help of some long awaited precision lenses I managed to see the stars in all their resplendent glory.

No longer were they iridescent prismatic shimmers against the blackened heavens, but remarkably fine pin points of pure white light.

Unbelievably diaphanous.

Amazingly countless others made an appearance; others which had seemingly strayed thanks to such poor eyesight.

It truly was a wonderful sight. Magical and ethereal. A reality check. How tiny and finite we are in the grand scheme of things. A brilliance that manages to break through intense darkness and vastness, freely putting up such spectacles for such unworthy beings.

And to think that for all these years such winsomeness was lost on me.


via free your mind

2 thoughts on “the glow of stars burning bright

  1. I love this S… I think we all forget the small beauties that are there all the time as we are always looking for the big ones… those small ones are the ones that remind us of how small we are in this universe and puts things into perspective xox

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