the king and all of his men

I’ve never truly believed that god or the Universe could be so cruel and heartless. There were times where certain life events left me pondering such topics, but nothing truly swayed me. Not until I met a distant a relative. A cousin who as a small child suffered either a seizure or possible stroke and was left with brain damage and hearing loss.

Hearing his story and seeing him with new eyes, my heart constricts in pain.

A man in his sixties; handsome and ever so childlike. Seemingly struggling to adapt into our world, desperate to fully comprehend and experience what we take for granted. There’s such a spark within, one that contends with joy and the tragic loss of possibilities.

I can’t help but wonder who he would be today and what exactly could he have achieved and become. A great leader perhaps; be it in business or religion. Maybe a ladies man; a sworn bachelor to the very end. Or even a genius engineer or humanitarian helping his fellow townspeople.

It’s not hard to see an aura of magnificence and a reality, ever so bitter. How could God or the Universe be so callous to such a being – a child no less. To live out his days confined to such a mentality.

Struggling, perpetually struggling with this fast paced world.

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Is God or the Universe truly at fault? Or does one lay blame directly on his parents for not seeking appropriate and prompt medical aid. Is God or the Universe liable for selecting a family without the financial means nor education in dealing with such circumstances? Or are the humans created into a world destined for hardship accountable?

It has me questioning all that I knew or thought I knew. In particular that we, at essence, are responsible for our actions. This was a statement I partially endorsed but now feel overly conflicted towards. How could you place blame or responsibility on him or his family members? To say that he attracted such circumstances at age eight is sheer lunacy.

And yet when you look around the world there are countless situations and vile acts that too contradict such statements. There are endless tales of abandonment. Of famine and disease. Homelessness and emotional torment.

His story is sadly not alone.




2 thoughts on “the king and all of his men

  1. S, my belief is that we chose our parents… it can be difficult to believe this when you see or read how some parents treat their children… but I still believe this as I think we all have things we need to learn in this life and even though I have had some disturbing and sad things happen to me in my life, believe it or not, I wouldn’t change those things… they made me who I was today.

    You are so right about how it seems like every other person is dealing with trials that we could not fathom…. I think your cousin probably has a really happy life, he is living like a child and that can be a wonderful time to relive.

    I also believe that ultimately one day in another place or time, we will all have the opportunity to live up to our potential …. we’ll see how it all works out xox

    1. You make a great point L. Our trials certainly make us who we are today. Lately I can’t help but wonder if they’re really worth it. Where I am right now in life, they don’t feel like it. I definitely am a better person but I can’t say I’m happier. I wonder if ignorance is bliss.

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