friend in the field

He’s the kindest soul I’ve ever met. Courteous and amiable. Simply, one of a kind. He is perpetually joyful; the kind that is irrevocably infectious. His hazel eyes are mesmerising and all accompanied by a brilliant smile that understands how to soften woes. But every now and then I catch a glimpse of something in his […]

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magpie darling

There is a certain flower shop, in a certain shopping centre in a particular suburb that I find myself drawn to. It’s not located in the most glamorous of suburbs. Nor is the centre itself renowned for it’s brands or quality items for purchase. Quite the opposite actually. But in this store lays the most […]

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canto della liberta

2017 was a year of mixed emotions. And for the most part it remained stagnant and dull; a tale that has seemingly become immutably enduring. The only positive being that I managed to spend a fortnight in a country my heart so longed for. But it was a soirée that left me feeling overly unfulfilled. Fantasies of […]

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because we seek

I follow behind my mother and cousin meekly as we tour through my grandfathers home. An expedition that should bring about inner enlightenment and euphoria, yet arouses intensely forceful pangs of envy. My inner grapplings with resentfulness and guilt, a contrast as stark as the dilapidated pastel walls surrounding me. As I listen inconspicuously to tales unintended […]

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bohemian soul, cosmopolitan existence 

I am enervated with feelings of under appreciation, invisibility and irrelevancy. That my mere existence is one of sheer inconvenience; one akin to cancer or a depraved parasite. Of feeling like there’s nothing for me here. That there never really was and that I am not worthy of much more. I’m tired of looking for reasons to hold on but […]

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laced with edge

Internally I find myself in paradoxical foreign territory. My mind hustles tirelessly with unexplainable expectation while my heart is simultaneously enveloped in a hazy fog of nothingness. My mind incessantly forges with a blueprint for some kind of future; a most unconvincing tale it attempts to entice me with. Monopolising my time with materialistic impulse purchases. From shoes […]

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