music mondays: this is what you came for

I like to envision being the type of human who exudes poise and assurance effortlessly. The kind I see the majority possessing ever so calmly. To be capable of recognising and emitting such confidence out in public as I do when obscured by both physical and metaphysical walls. To be a person who is not outright overlooked and disregarded. If only I could be undeniably captivating, bewitching and alluring. Radiating such luminescence from a soul so tormented, yet so astute and pure. Regarded by those in close proximity, they are attracted and intoxicated by my presence. Much like a moth to a flame and I am fearless and unafraid to meet their gaze.

And then I wonder if perchance I already do emit such things; evidently unbeknownst to me. Without sounding conceited, perhaps this luster and grandness I note and suppress within is indisputable to those around me. They feel that resplendency and cower before it, like a subject to its master. Humans are fickle creatures after all. Easily intimidated and  weary of the unconventional.

Perhaps this brilliance is too bright for ignorant eyes; a brilliance they willingly elect to reject.