she’s never coming back

All weekend I’ve been drowning in languidness. The disappointment that came on Friday has seen me plummet into a deep and dark depression. Between moments of tearful hysterics I find myself in fits of rage, pleading to the Universe for answers to my questions. The ensuing silence only adding to my anger. At times I’m […]

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just one yesterday

As we draw near to the end of another year, I can’t help but look back in despair. For I spent the vast majority of it clinging to hope of better days, even as my world crumbled beneath me. This year began utterly sour with homelessness encroaching. And while others jubilated for the promise of […]

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oh, make me over

I lay in bed feeling heavy bass reverberating through the street from a house party in close proximity. Those boisterous cheers and subsequential clapping in sync to the beat  have me rather envious. A part of me longing to carouse alongside the youth. Dressed in a short playsuit and ridiculously uncomfortable heels and made up with […]

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the beauty of the shadows

I sit here in silence. An empty shell; enveloped in numbness. My exterior deceptive of the bitter turmoil that rages within; however I relinquish control of a tear or three. Your words are like daggers that pierce straight through and rip my entire being wide open. And you, completely unaware how your cruelty affects me […]

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In a notoriously affluent part of town, one which happens to be rife with homelessness, I encountered a setting which frightened me to my core. Frightened me to the point of needing to return back to my vehicle to compose myself. Innocently walking towards my next work appointment I noted movement from a new homeless […]

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into the pale

While peers began 2019 undeniably elated, boastfully showcasing engagement and newborn babe notices, career developments and shiny materialistic things, I’ve spent for the most part sheltering myself away in dark corners. The last eight days have been relentless on such a weary soul. One in desperate need of guidance and a place to simply rest. […]

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