what the?

One thing I can’t seem to comprehend is how people manage to shop for groceries and spend less than one hundred dollars?!

The past few weeks I’ve struggled to keep within a budget of less than one hundred and keep exceeding that figure out by a minimum of thirty dollars.

Every time.

Yesterdays escapade saw me nearly hit the two hundred dollar mark! What the hell! How do people do this? I try to keep it to a minimum and I suppose I do stock up on items that are on sale or a “buy 3 for $8” special, but still. How do people do this!

For one person, with little money to their name this kind of spending is not ok! It’s an extreme luxury I seem to be giving to myself of late and I just wonder how others do this. Not those who have full time jobs or disposable incomes but others in the similar or even worse situation as myself. More so those with families. How do they manage to survive? To feed, clothe and pay their bills with a measly welfare check. It’s been utterly impossible for me yet alone someone in that situation.

And don’t get me wrong, I am so, so grateful to get that payment every fortnight while I attempt to steady myself. It also does make me feel incredibly blessed to have a roof over my head and my only concerns aside from the usual is feeding myself and not having to fret about dependents, aside from my puppy dog.

For now I’ll be spending the day scrummaging through those catalogs, trying to budget myself for next weeks adventure, hoping to keep it within my means. I may even try online shopping. That may actually be a solution. Being able to control my spending, seeing the total and the price of item plainly itemized, allowing me to remove unnecessary things to keep within what I am willing to spend.




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